Welcome to my life…

Hey y’all,

Welcome to my very new, very personal, little blog. My name is Morgan, formerly of Oregon (yes, it rhymes). I’m currently a graduate student studying history in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve decided to start a blog for so many reasons, the first of which is I need an outlet to be creative, especially since I’m drowning in books to read, papers to write, and sometimes, too much academia.


If you decide to follow me you’ll probably find an assortment of lifestyle posts, book reviews, travel pieces, and anything else that may pop into my head. I love fashion and beauty, travel, and anything that happens in the kitchen! I want to demonstrate that you can be a feminine woman who loves fancy dresses and baking, and still be intelligent and interested in current events. These things are not mutually exclusive!

My blog posts will be written from my oversized reading chair, with the help of my cat (who acts more like a rambunctious kitten), Maci. I hope to deliver great posts, with actual content that makes my readers think. Glad to have you here.



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