Visiting a Plantation: Middleton Place

I think it’s fitting that since I love to travel so much, my first post is on one of my favorite destinations in the Charleston area: Middleton Place. I’m writing this today as an act of procrastination from writing a book review (of a horrible book, might I add), so what is more fun than reminiscing?


Middleton is about ten minutes from my home in West Ashley, and is located on the Ashley River. This is how plantation owners made it to the city! It makes me appreciate the bridges now in place, even with Charleston’s crappy traffic.


Middleton is home to America’s oldest landscaped gardens, a museum, and an interactive display on life on a plantation. In my opinion, Middleton does the best job of any low country plantation of showcasing the living conditions of slaves on a plantation, which is often ignored by tourist destinations, despite the fact that these places revolved around the exploitation of slaves.


It is a beautiful place to take in the landscape of the low country, see some wildlife (Gators, anyone?), and learn about the economics that were important to 19th Century Charleston.


Of all the plantations to visit in Charleston, Middleton is the best! Bring your own coffee, and walk around the gardens, taking a seat by the river. You won’t be disappointed!

Find information on visiting here.


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