Bryce Canyon & Zion

Fun fact: I’ve driven across the United States, from coast to coast, twice. The most recent adventure occurred this last August when I helped my best friend since high school move to Atlanta, Georgia.

I now have a deep appreciation for truck drivers. How do they manage to stay focused for so long??


Being the adventurers we are, we decided along the way to stop in Utah at both Bryce Canyon and Zion. Its been several weeks since I’ve returned to Charleston, but I’d like to share a little recap of my adventure!

Kelsey and I drove into Bryce on our way from Idaho, and arrived in the early afternoon. We had planned a hike at Navajo Trail, and to then drive through the rest of the park, as we were short on time.

Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Stopping at the visitor’s center first, we armed ourselves with water, maps, and adorable vintage postcards of the park (for home decor, of course!). We were a little tired at this point, and played around in the gift shop.

(Junior) Ranger Kelsey
(Junior) Ranger Kelsey

The Navajo Trail was incredible. Of all the places we went on this trip, this would have to be my favorite. There is something about the bright orange, contrasting with the rich blue of the sky, that makes everything more beautiful. Trust me, I’m not usually a rock fan.


I also didn’t realize how many tourists from other countries come to visit our National Parks. Kelsey and I met so many wonderful people hiking the trail, most of which were from Europe or Asia! It put it in perspective how lucky we are in America to have such beautiful natural scenery, especially since, we as Americans, don’t always think of our own country as a destination.


Zion was just as beautiful as Bryce, although I think I preferred the scenery at Bryce more. It felt like I could see more from the viewpoints.

During our time in Utah we stayed at this cute cottage we found on AirBnB, run by Β Cathy. I’ve linked it in the post. Cathy’s cottage was located in Kanab, directly in between Bryce and Zion, plus close to the Arizona border. It was the perfect location for exploring the parks, and traveling to the Grand Canyon the next day.

We stayed two nights in the spacious cottage, and loved having coffee on our patio in the mornings. Cathy has built her own garden and peaceful pond area, and it made a lovely start to our Utah mornings.

Here’s hoping I can make it back soon!


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