Visit Nashville-Part 1


Ever since I was little I’ve wanted to go to Nashville. I was raised on 90s’ country music (think Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn).

This past summer I finally made it, and got to spend time with a college friend at the same time!

Oh my lord, it was amazing. My friend Rachel flew into Nashville, and I drove up to meet her. We were lucky enough to stay at her friend’s home in Nashville so I didn’t have to pay for a hotel!

The 8-hour drive was intense, but once I got there we went out on the town. Our trip began at The Row, a restaurant downtown Nashville. I had the most amazing hot chicken, a Nashville specialty, and we listened to some beautiful live music.

From there we moseyed on up the street to The Patterson House. Oh My God, let me tell you about this place. It’s a speakeasy, decorated in 1920s art deco fashion, that specializes in high quality mixed drinks. Patterson refers to the Tennessee governor during the early 1900s who vetoed restrictions on alcohol. The rules are, no cellphones, no fighting, and leave with the people who you came with.

I had the most amazing drink, the creole fashioned. A play on the original old fashioned, the taste of the whiskey mixes with flavors of orange and coffee. Lord have mercy. I snuck a photo through snapchat, sue me.


We continued downtown via golf cart, yes that’s right, they have a golf cart taxi service in Nashville. We went up, down, all around Broadway. The live music was incredible!

All in all, it was an amazing first day. Stay tuned for part II.


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