Travel Nashville-Part II

I’m sad to say, the next morning we were a tad bit hungover.

But we pulled ourselves together and had some good old fashioned hangover food at the Pancake Pantry. A Nashville institution since 1961, I was delighted with the banana bread pancakes. Our waitress was hilarious too. My favorite part was the family feel of the place and it wasn’t out of the normal to chat with our neighbors.


The day was spent roaming around Opryland, all in all, not my thing. But I did enjoy saying I’d been to the Grand Ole’ Opry! I was a rebel and sat on the guitar.


The next day it was time to drive home to Charleston, but before we left we visited two more famous Nashville places!

The Loveless Cafe was top of my list and this is where we had breakfast. OH MY GOD. I had the biscuit sampler and it was just too good. A Nashville hot spot since 1951, the Loveless is located in an old motel off of US 100. You’ll see it from its bright neon sign!



The decor is country vintage, and the walls are covered in autographs from famous country stars. Which brings me to the must see tourist attraction in Nashville: The Country Music Hall of Fame, duh.

My friend Rachel and I are huge country fans so the stop was necessary.


Overall we spent about an hour admiring the exhibits. I have to say that Alan Jackson’s was my favorite! There was a little too much text in the exhibits, so after a while it was overwhelming. But I still highly recommend it as a must-do!

This was a fantastic trip. Although typically touristy, I had such an amazing time and hope to get back soon.

Plus the road trip through North Carolina’s Smoky Mountains was pretty cool.



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