Apartment Tour

If I had an unlimited money tree I’d spend my life being a professional decorator. Afraid that I wouldn’t make money at it I went for a far more lucrative career path, teaching (that’s a joke).

But the point is I take pride at decorating my home and I feel way less stressed when my home environment is comfy. Has anyone lived in a place that grossed them out?

My first year of grad school I lived in the most disgusting apartment that was one step above a crime scene. I’m talking cigarette burned carpet, roaches, and mold. Good god was I happy when I got out of there.

With that experience behind me I went gangbusters helping my roommate to decorate the new place. I tried to fuse both our styles, which are thankfully very similar!

We wanted a cozy atmosphere that reminded us of home. We’re both from Portland and wanted the place to feel like the warm downtown coffee shops, a little vintage with overstuffed furniture to read a book in. I think this chair nails it!


I frequent TJMaxx and Homegoods like its my job. By checking back frequently I can find the best deals on the items I truly want to put together the picture in my head. I have also figured out when TJMaxx and Homegoods are the most likely to restock their inventory, so this helps my search as well. Plus these stores are affordable, which is obviously important to all of us.


Here’s the full view of the family area. Our place is in the process of being decorated for Halloween (notice the spider webs on the coffee table).

You’ll notice candles everywhere! I think they’re a great and cheap way to add coziness to any room.


My favorite area has to be this industrial shelf, random I know! I looked like a crazy person as I rearranged items on top of this shelf in the store. All items pictured are from TJMaxx!


I love the globe and the airplane since I have such a passion for travel. Plus they give a cool vintage vibe.

The Portland prints are from Zazzle! I don’t know if y’all have heard of this site but it’s perfect for personalized items and home decor, plus they have tons of these travel prints! The best part is they run specials all the time and I can often get these prints for no more than $5. SCORE. And of course, good old Target comes in with $2 frames for the win. I love floating frames, so classy and simple.


This wall art is located by the door. The wall was so empty and I think this pulls the room together nicely.


We continue the travel theme with these Ikea prints. I love the whimsy they portray, and the coral and grey pulls out the colors in the couch.


And the apartment tour wouldn’t be complete without Maci attacking her mouse. It’s not uncommon to come downstairs and find the floor littered with cat toys.

That’s all for today folks. What’s your favorite decor style? Where do you go for your steals?


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