The Art of Giving

I was driving to work this morning when I saw a woman experiencing car trouble. Her car was blocking the lane on a busy side street. As I was passing, a man pulled over, threw on his caution lights behind her, and started directing the backed up traffic.

Clearly he was on his way to work, dressed in a suit and tie. But he took time to help make everyone else’s lives easier.

How many times a day do we wish someone else noticed we need help?

How many times a day do we take the time to notice if someone else could use reassurance? If we notice, do we stop?

It only takes seconds to make someone else’s day. Our world would be so much better if others took time out of their day to help just one person. The best part of it is you can use your own passions to influence happiness in others.

Me? I love baking, and so I bring sweet treats to my friends, my coworkers, and my students to help them with their day.

Everyone always appreciates a handwritten note. Or even a text asking how their day is going. The point is, just checking in with someone can affect their day. To know that someone is thinking about you can transform your mood!

I challenge you to go out and make someones day today. Just take a few minutes of your time, and I can guarantee you’ll feel better too!


Oregon Community College Shooting

In the wake of the Emanuel AME shooting in Charleston, where I call home now, President Obama came to deliver the eulogy for one of the shooting victims, Rev. Clementa Pinckney.

I asked someone at the time if they would attend, since after all this is our president, and they said “No, because he will politicize it.”

And I thought long and hard about that statement, because shouldn’t we allow members of the community to mourn without bringing up the issue of racial tension, or gun control, in an attempt to give a day of peace? But also, how are we to ignore the obvious? Doesn’t this make us worse than naive? In fact, doesn’t this make us ignorant?

Today someone targeted a community college in Roseburg, Oregon. For reasons that are unknown, it’s being reported that at least 7 are dead and 20 are injured. According to the Washington Post, we are now averaging more than one mass shooting per day in 2015.

I don’t usually post such things on social media because I generally find it useless. People will have their opinions and there is no sense in arguing about issues on the internet. However, I’m tired of feeling unsafe. I’m tired of watching people die for absolutely no reason. And I’m tired of having people ignore the issue, because god forbid, we learn a lesson from all this senseless killing. It’s time to stop being so ignorant. It’s time to make a change.

My heart and prayers go out to all the families affected. I pray we learn something from this horrible tragedy.

First Date Jitters

Is there anything that is so extremely exciting but utterly nerve wracking as a first date?

What do I wear? What do I say? Do I hug him, shake his hand, smile?

Of course, I over analyze everything. But to keep my jitters down I make sure I have a killer outfit! Confidence is key, and I like to keep it simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a fancy outfit, and the more accessories, often, the better. However, I think the first date outfit should focus on your personality and not your skill at mixing patterns.

I was lucky enough to go on dates with two amazing gentlemen. Yes, TWO! Let me first say, this never happens, I am often too busy with school and hanging out with my cat to pay attention to men. But, I’ve been trying a dating app, I know CRINGE, and I ended up with two fantastic matches. More on that later.

One of my dates was at a water front restaurant, casual, but nice. I went with this black t-shirt dress I purchased from Nordstrom’s Rack for $18! It’s loose fitting, shows a little cleavage without being too much, and has a trendy high-low hem. The shoes are simple, but feminine. The shoes are from Charlotte Russe and I’ve linked them here!


Maci likes to help me out with outfit planning!

The second date was at a trendy bar downtown, one that has a cozy hipster vibe. I went with cuffed skinny jeans, a flirty off the shoulder top, and the same simple ballet flats. I love them because they remind me slightly of the shoes you’d see in the little shops in Italy. The jeans and shirt are both from TJ Maxx awhile ago, but I consistently see these Michael Kors Jeans there. I absolutely love their stretchy fit!


For both outfits I actually wore the same jewelry since the color schemes were similar, and like I said, I wanted to keep it simple! I wanted classy gold hoops and a statement piece. I recently purchased this ring while on a Navajo reservation in Northern Arizona! I wanted to make sure that I was purchasing an item actually made by local Native Americans so I was supporting their local tribe, and I found this ring on my last stop. It was actually mentioned by both guys, so my conversation piece worked!

image3Even though these outfits seemed simple, I felt confident and in control. And both gentlemen asked me out again at the end of the night, so I think it worked!


Have you ever walked away from a conversation asking yourself why the other person makes you feel so inferior?

The sassy first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, once said “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

And while typically I agree with her wise words, sometimes you can’t help but get beat down when someone repeatedly speaks to you as though you are inferior.

Communication is so important in everyday life because how we speak to others influences our relationships, our results at work, and our overall mood. You can walk away from a conversation uplifted, or torn down.

After experiencing someone who uses negative language and tones with me on a daily basis, it’s hard to want to go back to the situation and continue to try your best. But what we can learn from these experiences is how important it is to treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

I want to make people feel more uplifted after they speak with me, as though the conversation was a refresher. They should leave my presence feeling better than when they entered it.

People forget what we say to them and what we do to them, but they never forget how we make them feel.

That’s all.

Welcome to my life…

Hey y’all,

Welcome to my very new, very personal, little blog. My name is Morgan, formerly of Oregon (yes, it rhymes). I’m currently a graduate student studying history in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. I’ve decided to start a blog for so many reasons, the first of which is I need an outlet to be creative, especially since I’m drowning in books to read, papers to write, and sometimes, too much academia.


If you decide to follow me you’ll probably find an assortment of lifestyle posts, book reviews, travel pieces, and anything else that may pop into my head. I love fashion and beauty, travel, and anything that happens in the kitchen! I want to demonstrate that you can be a feminine woman who loves fancy dresses and baking, and still be intelligent and interested in current events. These things are not mutually exclusive!

My blog posts will be written from my oversized reading chair, with the help of my cat (who acts more like a rambunctious kitten), Maci. I hope to deliver great posts, with actual content that makes my readers think. Glad to have you here.